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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are there any restrictions when I need a special project added to my cleanings?
Yes, our employees follow our safety policies, which include the following:

They cannot climb more than 2 steps on a ladder. Our company cars are equipped with a 2 step ladder to use if needed, but if there is any high area they can't reach using a combination of our extendable duster and the step ladder, they cannot clean it.

They cannot lift/move anything weighing more than 40 pounds. If you need us to vacuum/clean behind nightstands, dressers, headboards or sofas, they need to be moved prior to our arrival and you will be responsible to move it back. This rule also applies to rotating mattresses or changing bedskirts.

They cannot wash windows or window screens. If tracks need to be vacuumed, please let us know with advance to add additional time. Screens need to be removed prior to our arrival so we can vacuum tracks.

They cannot use any industrial chemical or spot carpet cleaner to remove any kind of stain, glue or markers from floors or carpets.

  • Should I expect them to wash any dishes that were left in the sink?
No. We do not wash dishes nor do we put them in the dishwasher. If there are dishes left in the sink, we will not clean it. If you have a double sink, we will clean only the side that is available.
  • Should I expect them to organize/pick up clothes, toys or shoes?
No. In order for us to focus on cleaning, surfaces need to be ready to clean. We allocate a certain number of hours to clean your house, and if we are going to be picking up clothes/toys/shoes from the floors it will affect the time we spend on the actual cleaning. Any surface that is not available to clean will be left undone. If you need help picking up the house before cleaning, let us know in advance and we will charge by the hour to do so. 
  • Do I need to put my pets in a crate?
We are pet friendly and our employees are trained not to leave doors open/unattended for long periods of time, but we are not responsible if the pet escapes while we are bringing our supplies and equipment into the house. Please consider we need to keep a door open to bring vacuums, mop buckets, cleaning caddies, etc into your house, and if your pet is going to be loose while we do that, please make sure you will be home to keep it away from the door. Otherwise, we will be as careful as possible, but if you know your pet likes to run out the door, please make sure it is secured or isolated in another room or crate to avoid any accidents.
  • If my pet has a potty accident while I am not home, should I expect them to clean it?

No. We do not clean any accidents from your pet. We will clean around it.